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What I am looking for:


  I am interested in working with smart, hardworking, independent, and scientifically hungry

  lab members. Prospective candidates should be interested in conducting innovative science

  that pushes current discipline boundaries (i.e. comfortable working outside of their "comfort

  zones" and thinking across disciplines).  While I am interested in candidates that would be

  willing to work in the systems I have described on my research page, I am open and excited to

  hear your own research ideas.  Please come to me with the research questions you are

  interested in pursuing.  




  I am interested in providing further research training, but also professional training.  Post-

  docs are expected to develop their own research program complimentary to mine (which 

  they can take with them when they leave), strive to write an average of 2 papers a year, help 

  mentor graduate students in the lab, gain experience in writing competitive, externally

  funded grants, attend conferences, work to extend their professional networks, and organize



Graduate Students


  Graduate students will be trained in critical thinking, forming testable questions,

  experimental design, statistical analysis, writing scientific papers, presenting their work to a

  diversity of audiences, collaboration, and building their professional network (participating

  in graduate student events, meeting with seminar speakers, etc).  I expect graduate students      to  fast-track through their courses (as much as possible) so that they can focus primarily on

  research. For many jobs following a Ph.D., publication record, quality of research, and your

  ability to think (not GPA) are the qualifications. Graduate students should also be producing

  at least 3 papers throughout the course of their dissertation.


Undergraduate Students


  I value undergraduate participation in my lab, and I am interested in providing research

  training opportunities for undergraduate students.  Undergraduate opportunities will include

  participating and facilitating ongoing research projects in the field and lab, mosquito rearing

  and maintenance, and the design and implementation of independent research projects.  




  Most importantly, I am interested in fun, positive, and balanced people that can work

  efficiently together to create a vibrant, energetic lab atmosphere.  Please see my mentoring

  philosophy where I outline my expectations for my mentees as well as what my mentees can

  expect from me: Mentoring Philosophy

If this sounds good to you, please contact me with what excites you, the reasons you are interested in working with me, and your C.V., and we can evaluate together whether or not we would be a good fit.


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