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12/8/2020 Kerri Miazgowicz successfully defended her dissertation! Yay Dr. Miazgowicz!

10/27/2020 Dr. Michelle Evans has successfully defended her dissertation! Congratulations Dr. Evans!


















7/22/2020 Check out a new publication from our group demonstrating the effects of age and mosquito species on the thermal suitability of human malaria transmission!


7/2/2020 The Murdock lab has officially moved to the department of Entomology at Cornell University. Very excited to join the faculty at Cornell and to begin our next adventure in research!


6/12/2020 Check out a new publication from our group demonstrating temperature has dramatic effects on mosquito gene expression with consequences for arbovirus interactions! 


12/11/2019 Blanka Tesla successfully defended her dissertation yesterday! Hooray Dr. Tesla!


11/15/2019 Ash Pathak's study investigating the effects of field relevant variation in temperature on the density-dependent establishment of human malaria gametocytes in mosquitoes is now published!

7/17/2019 Blanka Tesla was awarded a Graduate Education Advancement Board Fellowship from the University of Georgia Graduate School! Yay Blanka!


4/8/2019 Mike Newberry won a prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship today for his proposed work on identifying ecological drivers of mosquito microbiomes and exploring implications of mosquito-microbe interactions for mosquito population dynamics and the transmission of vector-borne diseases. Well done Mike!


4/5/2019 Blanka Tesla won the Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research Grant from the University of Georgia's Graduate School! Hooray Blanka!


3/5/2019 Michelle Evans won the Graduate Education Advancement Board Fellowship from the University of Georgia's Graduate School! Good job Michelle!


2/1/2019 Michelle Evans won the Integrative Conservation PhD Program Agile Scientist award that recognizes graduate students for their efforts to engage in practice beyond, and in consultation with, the academy to better understand and frame the most important socio-ecological problems facing the 21st Century. Congratulations Michelle!


1/21/2019 Nicole Solano illustrates the mosquito life cycle and connections to the environment through dance! 


12/1/2018 Ash Pathak's study describing methods for using cyro-preserved red blood cells to support in vitro cultures of human malaria and successful mosquito infection was published in 

8/29/2018 A new collaborative study done by members of the Drake and Murdock labs led by Reni Kaul assessing the spatio-temporal risk of yellow fever spill over was published in

8/22/2018 Blanka Tesla's study exploring the relationship between Zika virus viremia, mosquito susceptibility, and overall transmission risk was published in


8/15/2018 Blanka Tesla's study redefining the the relationship between environmental temperature and Zika virus transmission risk was published in  

  • see the associated blog from the 

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7/10/2018 A new collaborative study between the Drake and Murdock labs led by Michelle Evans using data driven computational approaches to predict future emerging arboviruses was published in


4/25/2018 Michelle Evan's study exploring carry-over effects of microclimate in the larval environment on mosquito population dynamics and dengue virus transmission was published in 


3/18/2018 A collaborative study involving members of the Murdock lab that was a result of a dengue forecasting competition sponsored by the U.S federal government was published in the 

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